Powerful marketing technology tailored and scalable for independent representatives and high volume call centers.




Imagine a system that would allow you to sustain a high volume virtual call center at a very low cost. Our cloud-based platform is guaranteed to enhance your business by lowering your carrier rates and drastically increasing your sales. 

Build a virtual army that is equipped to take sales or customer service calls 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Monitor your representatives in real time to know how productive they are and pull detailed reports with any date-range of your choice.

Receive inbound calls routed to your representatives anywhere and have them automatically place accelerated outbound calls.



If you are independent and placing many calls every day, we have a solution that will increase your productivity by enabling you to rapidly contact leads or clients. Simply upload your list and wait for the calls to come in! On our system you can place hundreds of calls a day automatically.

Track your calls and keep organized with our built in CRM. 

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Dialer – Dial up to 5 lines per rep. Increase sales talk time by 30% or more. Increase profits.
CRM – Manage your leads and contacts with the built in CRM.
IVR – Create automated phone trees. 
Lead Distribution –  Easily distribute leads to your reps.
Reporting – Manage your reps in real-time and pull daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports of their productivity.  


Individual - Ideal if you are an independent sales person making sales calls all day.
Small Call Center - Package designed to manage up 30 reps and provide sales tools to increase productivity substantially.
Large Call Center -  Package designed to manage 31 - 500 reps and provide sales tools to increase productivity substantially. Also includes free implementation and customization to match all technical needs.